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American Dad VS. Family Guy Kung Fu – 20th Century Fox

Click on the image below to take you to the game!

An online Street Fighter style Flash game for Fuel Industries and 20th Century Fox that I helped create back in 2006.

Steve ‘Funky Chicken’ Neilson and I were responsible for the costume designs and the key animation of the Fighting and Finishing Moves.  An overseas studio assisted with the final animation.  The exception being Stewie and his fighting mech robot that I had a blast  animating by myself here in Canada.

“This game was a true viral. Without any paid media support, it managed over 7 million unique visits averaging 12.5 minutes of play.”

(Fuel industries – Case study)

Barricader – Ripple Effect Games

Click on the image below to see the trailer!

Image Copyright 2010 Ripple Effect Games

Barricader is an unreleased game from Ripple Effect Games.  They are a small gaming company co-founded by my friend and colleague Mike MacDougall.  I provided the limited Flash animation as well as compositing and main character’s voice in the promotional trailer.  Mike provided all the Character Art and Layouts.

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