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Freddie Moore Mickey Studies

I grabbed this Freddie Moore model sheet off of the blog of a talented, local Toronto board artist, Warren Leonhardt.  My ‘drawing juices’ started to flow again after seeing the unfinished Disney short ‘Plight of the Bumblebee’ from which these poses originated from.  ( I would link to the short for those that haven’t had the privilege of watching it yet but the Disney brass have already removed it from the internet.)

Today I decided to learn from the greats by reproducing a couple of poses as closely as possible.  Trying to give my eyes and analytical abilities a workout.
I started to work out the main forms first and then as I went back over the rough to start adding his expression I realized that Mickey’s face was turned towards the viewer too much.  I also toned down his lean forward.  The original drawing has his head lower, closer to the ground.  There are also a few other inconsistencies that I noticed so I decided to go over the drawing again to correct the mistakes before tying everything down.

This is my 2nd attempt right over top of the original.  I tried to correct the problems I noted above but I still didn’t get his head low enough.  I keep over inflating parts of him too, his hat, ear, chest, and butt are all a bit too big.The differences are really obvious when the drawings are flipped together.  It’s close but I’ve shifted a lot of the subtle forms and shapes. I guess I’ll keep practicing!  Mickey has some tricky proportions that you have to maintain for him to stay appealing.

Next Post:  Something original…

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Posted by Gerry D on October 4, 2010
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  1. 10/4/2010

    WOOO first comment! Juice that creativity!


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